Monday, November 24, 2014

Go Home Week is HERE! The Boyz have gone to their forever homes!

Baby Tait/Lime Boy went to his forever home with Barbara. He'll be known as “Ember” (Moonlight’s True North Ember). We're looking forward to hearing about his therapy work, or seeing him in the shows but most of all knowing he's the perfect puppy for his new dog mom. 

Bye Bye Ember! We'll miss you!


Baby Tommy/Blue Boy went to his forever home with Natalie and Aaron. He'll be known as "Fig" (Moonlight's True Love Story) and we're looking forward to hearing about his exciting travels and seeing him strutting in the show ring. What a great family photo! 

Bye Bye Fig! We'll miss you!


Baby Taz/Silver Boy went to his forever home with Anna and Rob. He'll be known as “Westley” (Moonlight’s Love, True Love). We're looking forward to seeing him on birds, in the show ring and whatever else Mr. Personality gets himself into! 

Bye Bye Westley! We'll miss you!


Baby Tanner/Orange Boy went to his forever home with Courtney and Craig. He'll be known as “Archie” (Moonlight’s Dream Come True) we're looking forward to hearing about his adventures in multiple venues (show/agility/obedience) but mostly being an all-around handsome boy! 

Bye Bye Archie! We'll miss you!


Baby Trey/Red Boy went to his forever home with Joe. He'll be known as "Rowan" and we're looking forward to hearing about his therapy work or maybe seeing him in the show ring, but mostly he's his daddy's BFF! 

Bye Bye Rowan! We'll miss you!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Daddy

Thought you might want to see a few more photos of daddy dog "Spenser" . . .

Spenser in the show ring

Spenser practicing ;) 

Dog Parks and Puppies -- NO!

Perfect example why I'd rather to go the dentist, than a dog park.  Read: "Well Socialized? No, Well traumatized."

In the opinion of many other dog behaviorists "dog park" is a four letter word as far as puppies are concerned.  I share these sentiments.

More reading "Welcome to the Frat Party a/k/a I'm not Socializing my Puppy that Way so Go Away" by The Dog Snob blog. Excerpt below:
"Regardless of how you feel about adult dogs at dog parks, I think there is one thing we can all agree on. Puppies do NOT belong at dog parks. Period. End of story. Why, you ask? Let us count the ways. Illness. Injury. Stress and fear responses. The list goes on and on. Dog parks are like frat parties. They are full of loud, rude, clueless, and overstimulated individuals who only get worse when part of a large group. Plus, farting and humping is not only allowed, but encouraged. "

Saturday, November 22, 2014

8 Week Headshots

The BOYZ had their evaluation today with another breeder and some Vizsla friends and family. Here are some lovely headshot of each Baby Boy taken by my friend Shirley Olsen.






The BOYZ - 2, Their Breeder - 0

They did it again! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

We're 7 1/2 weeks old and we destroyed our Puppy Pen!


Ok, let's try this again.

The BOYZ destroyed their freshly cleaned and sparkly Puppy Pen while I dressed for work.  All in a matter of about 30 minutes. This is the reason I do want any owners creating a Puppy Pen -- but rather to go straight to crate training.  

While the play area was being replaced/swept/re-organized the puppies shared a crate (with the door closed) and while there was some momentary screaming --- they all survived. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Crates, Car Rides, Shots and Vets -- OH MY!

The BOYZ had a big day -- a car ride to the vet in a crate. The pups were a huge hit at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital where they got a check up and weigh in.  There was a bit more "quiet" on the way home from the vet (1.25 drive) -- yay!